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I am looking for a way to get the application icon from a window id in cocoa. Do you have any pointer for this?

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First, use CGWindowListCreateDescriptionFromArray() to get the PID of the owning process (kCGWindowOwnerPID). If this is 10.6, you can then use +[NSRunningApplication runningApplicationWithProcessIdentifier:] to get the application object and then use -icon.

Before 10.6, you need to use GetProcessForPID() to switch to a PSN, use GetProcessBundleLocation() to get the location of the bundle, switch the FSRef into a path string, and then use -[NSWorkspace iconForFile:] to get the icon.

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very well detailled. Thanks! – AP. Jul 25 '10 at 18:12

Rob Napier's answer is correct.

In the latest api and in swift language, it should be like this:

let runningApp = NSRunningApplication(processIdentifier: pid_t(the_process_id))
let icon = runningApp?.icon
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