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I created a new sharepoint project in Visual studio 2010 and by mistake it was sandboxed solution, after finishing my development its wont build because i am adding items to controltemplates and its saying i need to have the project as farm solution, so how to change th eproject type ?

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Ok, Found it its a Project property so you need to select you project then in the properties pane (F4) you will find a property (SandBoxedSolution).

Sandboxed solutions

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Don't forget to accept your answer (although you probably have)! – Burgi Feb 2 at 17:02

If you install your sandboxed solution as a farm solution, it will work as a farm solution

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In the Properties Panel you can find a Property named as sandbox Solution, for your project it will be set to true.through the drop down option set it as false which will convert your solution to Farm solution

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