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I was thinking it would be nice to create a base class for NUnit test fixtures that opens a TransactionScope during the SetUp phase, then rolls back the transaction during tear down. Something like this:

    public abstract class TestFixtureBase
	private TransactionScope _transaction;

	public void TestFixtureSetup()
		_transaction = new TransactionScope();

	public void TestFixtureTearDown()
		if (_transaction != null)

Do you think this is a good idea?

Obviously the database is just a test database, not a live database, but it would still be annoying if it filled up with junk data from the unit tests.

What do other people do when running unit tests that involve a lot of data access?

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I've used XtUnit It automatically rolls back at the end of a unit test. You can simply add a [Rollback] attribute to the test. It's an extension to NUnit or MbUnit

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You want to be careful here. TransactionScope is going to promote the transaction to a distributed transaction if you open up more than one connection to the database. I find that it is easier just to write some simple SQL that clears out the tables of interest to my test class before I start running the test.

EDIT: Normally I would call any test that touches the database an integration test since it involves another system. Typically, I will mock out the database when unit testing my code.

public void Setup()
   foreach (string table in new string[] { "table1", "table2" })
        ClearTable( table );

private void ClearTable( string table )
     ...standard stuff to set up connection...
     SqlCommand command = connection.CreateCommand() );
     command.CommandText = "delete from " + table;
     ... stuff to clean up connection...
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+ 1 to mock out data access... unless you are actually testing the DAL implementation. – Gishu Dec 2 '08 at 6:17

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