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I am a final year student making a project in which I take a image from camera placed at car and my objective is through image processing on Matlab. I have to take image of different colour ball until my desired image (which is red) comes and the car stop through micro controller. How can I continuously take a image of ball with millisecond time delay?

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Let me get this straight: you want to capture one image each millisecond? That requires a 1000 Hz camera, and those are expensive. –  Thomas Jul 25 '10 at 18:51

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The For-A VFC-1000SB High Speed -- only about $12k :-)

However, on the "cheap" end there is the Exilim line (e.g. EX-F1). One of the features is a movie mode up to 1200fps. Note that as the fps goes up the resolution goes down. I know nothing more about this other than the adverting. YMMV.

Now, even if the camera can take frames at this speed, getting it to the host and processed "somewhat timely" is unlikely without additional specialty hardware (and I doubt it is doable at all with the Exilim).

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