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I am having some strange problem and its really frustating me. I have a list of Car bean in request attribute -

List<Car> cars = myservice.getCars();
request.setAttribute("cars", cars);

When I print the car ids (long type), it gives me correct value -

for(Car car: cars) {
// It gives me - 11231, 11245, 11253

But when I am trying to get same on freemarker page resutl.ftl, its giving me values as -


The code is -

<#list cars as car>
 <span>Car Id:</span>${}
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Formatting of numbers appears to be locale-sensitive. This FAQ entry appears to give a fix:

From that page (and that page alone, I'd never heard of Freemarker before your question), it seems that this might do what you want:

<span>Car Id:</span>${}

Or you could adjust your locale settings or number format to be something more like you expect. Exactly how to do that is detailed in the link above.

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