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I'm learning hibernate and I am running into some issues. The book i'm reading is Harnessing Hibernate - Oreilly. They explain everything using ANT, but I'm not really in the moood for the hassle to write such a huge build.xml. So I'm trying to get it to work with IntelliJ.

I managed to make a mapping according to a DB table in my MySQL database, and wrote the bean for it. It worked. But I can't find anywhere on the internet how to generate beans and SQL code, or how to do reverse engineering in IntelliJ. I found loads of tutorials about eclipse, using JBOSS Hibernatetools plugin, and the site claims this support for generating code is already in the standard installation of intelliJ IDEA.

Am I forgetting some configuration, or do I forget to add libraries? I'm trying to find this out but I'm desperate now. Please don't suggest me to use Eclipse, I need IntelliJ for my job.(well I found a job to program java as a student.)

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AFAIK, IntelliJ IDEA includes the complete JPA/Hibernate support in its Ultimate Edition:

Generating Persistence Mappings from Database Schema

IntelliJ IDEA allows you to quickly generate persistence mappings from any database schema: Generating Persistance Mappings

alt text

Now, the question is, what edition of Intellij IDEA are you using?

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I found that screenshot as well on jetbrains website but can't seem to find this. It only allows me to generate from database schema, not by mappings. help--> about says: intelliJ IDEA ULTIMATE 9.0 (I have a school license) – toomuchcs Jul 26 '10 at 8:29

If you add the hbm2ddl to your Hibernate config and ask it to create the database schema you'll get it by running a single test or some other code that exercises Hibernate. Once you have it, turn off create.

Let Hibernate do the work.

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thanks, that's already one step further, though I'm still not right on track. I added the property you said to my hibernate.cfg.xml, but now it complains it can't find the bean corresponding to the mapping file. Caused by: org.hibernate.MappingException: class com.hb.Track not found while looking for property: id this is my cfg: – toomuchcs Jul 26 '10 at 11:34

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