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I have a query that look like this:

$sql = "UPDATE tbl SET amt_field='amt_field+1' WHERE username='" .mysql_real_escape_string($_SESSION['username']). "'";

I want to increment the value as easily as possible

I have tried :

"UPDATE tbl SET amt_field='amt_field+1' WHERE

"UPDATE tbl SET amt_field='amt_field' + 1 WHERE

"UPDATE tbl SET amt_field='amt_field++' WHERE

I don't get error messages, but the value in my db does not increase ether..

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UPDATE tbl SET amt_field = amt_field + 1 WHERE ...

If you use the single quotes ', you're telling the enclosed value to be interpreted as a string You were probably thinking about the tick marks. This is also valid:

UPDATE tbl SET `amt_field` = `amt_field` + 1 WHERE ...

This must be used when the column (or table etc.) has a reserved name.

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