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I've got this code throwing an error from an iframe:

            function parentIframeResize()
            var height = getParam('height');
            // This works as our parent's parent is on our domain..

Not concerned about the error at all. The problem is it stops other scripts from running. Firefox, chrome or any decent browser just keeps running the rest of the scripts. I need to suppress the error or make sure parent.parent exists before running the code.

In php I would write something like if(!empty(parent.parent) { //do stuff with parent.parent } to check if the object exists.

Yes, nested iframes is ugly O_o

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You could wrap it up in a try/catch block:

function parentIframeResize() {
    try {
        var height = getParam('height');
    } catch(err) {
        // do something to recover from the problem, or nothing to suppress it
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if (parent.parent && parent.parent.resizeIframe) {
    // parent.parent exists and supports resizeIframe

That should work and stop the errors.

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You could simplify this a bit by having if (parent.parent && parent.parent.resizeIframe) in one expression. –  thomasrutter Jul 26 '10 at 2:25
much more elegant than try / catch, esp with thomasrutter's suggestion. +1 to both –  Sean Patrick Floyd Jul 26 '10 at 5:03

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