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How to make query "is uid X attending event Y" with ASP.NET toolkit?

Do I need to use Facebook SQL?

I have an event with 5000+ members and I want to enumerate all friends of current users to see if they belong to this event.

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The following FQL call should handle this:

select name from user where uid in(
 select uid from event_member where eid = EVENT_ID and uid in (
  select uid2 from friend where uid1 = FACEBOOK_UID

where EVENT_ID is the event id you want and FACEBOOK_UID is the current user's user id.

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This can be done with the graph API. Try a GET request in this form:

/[event id]/invited?user=[user_id]&access_token=[access_token]

It'll return a data structure with the rsvp_status if the user has RSVPed at all, including for public events where that user wasn't technically "invited." If the data structure is blank, then they haven't RSVPed at all.

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/EVENT_ID/invited/USER_ID will do it too – Igy Oct 26 '12 at 21:09

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