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I am using spreadsheet gem to generate excel file. Now the problem with it is that when we modify an existing file it wont allow to save it with same name and in the running script I cant delete and recreate the file beacause it is still being used. Doing so throws permission denied error.

Any suggeestion to overcome this?

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Follow the example provided in the documentation you linked. Use a scheme for creating an 'output' version of the document, then wrap up by replacing the original with the 'output' version.

book = '/path/to/an/excel-file.xls'
sheet = book.worksheet 0
sheet.each do |row|
  row[0] *= 2
book.write '/path/to/output/excel-file.xls'
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Thats the problem, it doesnt allow me to rename, delete the file being created coz of the locks obtained by the spreadsheet gem – Shubham Jul 26 '10 at 14:45

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