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Im having trouble using some of the classes in my Assembly from IronPython. This is the line I am using in my script:

from Comet.Pricing.Parsing import RegexLookupMapper

The class is defined as:

public class RegexLookupMapper<T> : SingleValueMapper<string, T>

I have no problem importing another class in that Assembly:

from Comet.Pricing.Parsing import QuoteRequest

The class is declared as follows:

public class QuoteRequest<T> : IQuoteRequest<T> where T : IInstrument

When I do a dir on Comet.Pricing.Parsing there are a lot less classes than are actually in the assembly. The only thing I can see in common with all the missing classes is that they all derive from:

SingleValueMapper<string, T> 

which derives from a class in another namespace/assembly (which has also been imported with no problems).

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It turned out a dependency of a base class was missing.

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