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I am learning Google App Engine / Python and I love it. Unfortunately I am not allowed to use my own computer in the office and not allowed to install anything on the corporate machine.

It would be so great to have an online IDE for Google App Engine where I could play with my Python code using any browser, including the one on my iPad.

Maybe will be an online IDE for GAE some day. Do you know any existing way to program GAE in a browser?

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Google Cloud Source Repositories provide an integrated source code editor for projects hosted on Google Cloud:

Google Cloud Source Editor

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I've used this before, and it's as simple as saying you want a new GAE project. You'll be redirected to Google pages when necessary to register details such as the app's name and domain. It even supports accessing GAE's log records for your app, although I've found this to be quite a bit slower than just using the Google-provided dashboard.

You can sign in with a Google account, and while I don't think that's necessary, I'd recommend it since this allows it to automatically associate the app you make with that account.


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Take a look at its a full ide for appenigne. You can write code, test and deploy all in the cloud. No need for any client installs.

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How about for GAE/J? – xybrek May 5 '13 at 7:55
I think now it is not working – Alupotha Apr 13 at 9:18

Py I/O: not quite a full IDE, but more like a console where you can try out some of your Python code. And it is written and running on GAE.

I don't think there is a full online IDE out there at the moment that will allow you to write a full GAE/Python project.

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Thanks for the answer and adding the python tag. I've also found Py I/O, looks very good. But I am still looking for a solution for the full GAE. It would be quite natural from Google to provide us with a web IDE, wouldn't it? :) – zengabor Jul 26 '10 at 9:30

For now and probably for quite some time you won't be able to edit your app directly on an app engine account (as @Wobble notes: the file system on the instances are indeed read-only, for good reasons that hardly will change). Things like Py I/O or similar are also to limited, as you note yourself.

To get forward you minimally want a file system that you can write to, preferably a machine that also will run the development server for you. Rent space on some VPS provider (e.g.,, then you can mount your VPS home directory onto an office machine and create your app at the VPS, then deploy from it. It certainly won't be an IDE, you need to use (/learn) how to handle the system mainly through the command line, but it will be something. And as an added bonus, you could try non GAE python stuff on it (Turbo Gears, twisted stuff, your choice of fancy database etc)

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One option is to use web2py. All of the files in a web2py project can be edited by the framework's own web-based editor. A fairly good overview of how this works, and some of the features of the site is available on this video:

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Thanks for tip! – zengabor Jul 26 '10 at 9:52
Does this feature actually work on App Engine? The filesystem is read-only. – Wooble Jul 26 '10 at 12:48

I feel this is better than all other online ides

enter image description here

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Cool, but how does it integrate with GAE? – niutech Jun 26 at 1:36

Looks like there's no real online solution at the moment. I still think that it would be great to share simple examples and test out bugs without having to register a new application yourself.

However, it turns out to be quite comfortable to access my home computer via my 3G iPad using the Screens VNC app through an SSH tunnel. I set the computer's screen resolution to 1024×768 and I can quite comfortably use it to try out things when I have some free time. Not perfect because full keyboard support is missing but very powerful and usable.

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There is now – Mike Aug 24 '12 at 22:06

Cloud 9 IDE ( They are NOT yet integrated but supposedly will be soon. They demoed a beta version at Google I/O 2011, but it hasn't been released to the public yet.

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As much as I love Cloud9, I found launching local GAE project there rather difficult. – jurer Aug 20 at 15:31

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