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I am playing around with Objective-C and have been looking for a good how-to example to exchange data it and PHP. JSON? SOAP? If anyone knows of a well written example I could hack at, I would appreciate it.

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When you say exchange data, do you mean over a network connection, between programs or through files?

If you are look to transfer the data over an internet connection (eg. your Objective-C program has/is a web server) then I would personally use JSON as this would allow your Objective-C program to communicate with a javascript web app in future if required as well as the simple php json_encode / json_decode functions.

I would personally say the same applies to other systems, but depending on how you expect this to work something like xml or SOAP may work better.


JSON Framework for Objective-C on Google Code

PHP Manual for JSON (including links on to json_encode and json_decode) functions.

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Ian, Thanks for the response. I am looking for transferring over the Internet. I just found this URL, which was ideally what I had in mind. I will check out the URL's you provided. -Eddie – Ethan Jul 26 '10 at 20:18

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