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I am building a php application using Ofx Parser Class from http://www.phpclasses.org/package/5778-PHP-Parse-and-extract-financial-records-from-OFX-files.html . But where can i get a sample ofx file to use this class and test my application?

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Try searching "filetype:ofx" in google. I have found a couple there. If you need a whole bunch for a more complete test I don't know.

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Easiest by far is to have an online bank account yourself that supports ofx downloads. But you're right; it's surprisingly difficult to find anything past a simplest case online.

I dug up this article on IBM developerWorks that includes a quick sample. It's on parsing ofx with php and helpfully shows the difference between a well-formed XML version of an ofx and the starting-tag only version you'll often find when you download from various banks, but even this sample is only one withdrawal and one deposit.

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These are the two references I used. The first one is about the structure of and ofx file and the second one give you the connection information for the financial institutions.



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