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Note: The answer marked as the answer, answers the questions in the Title. However, my underlying problem, using type ahead dropdowns, is solved by moving to IE8.

I have a drop down list that when I CLICK a NEW selection I want to cause a postback ("this.form.submit()") But only if the click on the dropdown list just changed the selection.

Note that OnChange will NOT work because when the selection is changed by the keyboard I would not want to postback because it is a type ahead dropdown list.

I also suppose I could use OnChange and check if the change was caused by the mouse.

Maybe if we can come up with both solutions and i'll see which works better?

Thanks so much for your help!!!!!

EDIT: More information:

AutoPostback = true; will not work. (don't want it to post back when the selection is changed by the keyboard)

onBlur = doPostBack; I tried this, but the result is not optimal. The user has to click off the ddl after making a selection with the mouse.

Another way to state what I want to do, i think, is do a postback when both the OnChange and OnClick events fire at the same time.

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On the OnClick event I have javascript that sets the ddl.value = true;

On the OnChange event I check to see if ddl.Value = true if so I postback and set it to false.

On the OnKeyDown I set ddl.Value = false so that when I click on the ddl it only posts back if I change the selection with the mouse, if I press a key to use the type-ahead-feature it will not postback.

Not the most elegant solution but it works and you have to give me creadit for creativity.

Note: This solution work in combination with a script that fires on OnKeyDown that runs the type-ahead-ddl(ie. moves you to the closest selection when you press a key) and postsback when you press enter.

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It was asked elsewhere in this thred so I'll define a "type-ahead-dropdown" a taddl (type-ahead-drop-down-list) is like an access combo box. When you type 'A' it brings you to the As, but when you type a second character 'B' rather than bringing you to the 'B's as is the normal ddl funcationality, it brings you to the 'AB's. – kralco626 Jul 29 '10 at 10:50

Did you try AutoPostBack="true" ?

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unfortunalty this will not work for the same reason that just using the OnChange event wont work. The type ahead dropdown changes selection every time the user enters a letter as they are typing. This would fire the autopostback and onChange events unwantedly. – kralco626 Jul 27 '10 at 11:16
well, every time the user enters a letter your AJAX is firing events anyway. Would adding an eventhandler to onblur accomplish what you are looking for? onblur="__doPostback...." – matt-dot-net Jul 27 '10 at 16:48
what is a "type ahead dropdownlist?" – matt-dot-net Jul 28 '10 at 12:27
Is this some third party control? I don't understand the difference between what you've described and a basic dropdownlist in a modern browser. – matt-dot-net Jul 29 '10 at 17:47
IE7, IE8, Firefox 3 all do this without any javascript – matt-dot-net Jul 30 '10 at 12:14

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