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i wrote a Visual Studio 2008 Addin, which generates some code files for me with some settings which i can enter on a UI form.

If i execute the addin with a connection to our TFS 2008, the dialog of the TFS appears where the progress bar is shown (file is added to tfs source control).

The host IDE (where i call the Addin) crashes with error report dialog.

If i debug the addin, i see that i get a cross thread calling exception. I tried to set CheckForIllegalCrossThread = false but i doesn't work. It seems that the file generating process is not finished and my additional code for file replacements and generation is called to early.

How can i solve this problem? I don't find any information on the internet to this problem.

Thanks a lot.


The behavior is still alive, if i call ProjectItems.AddFromFile in an AddIn while i have started it for debugging reasons.

Everytime the tfs source control gets involved (adding, deleting etc. a file) the started IDE crashes.

I looked in the vs 2008 debug options but can't find a setting which fits.

Someone know a solution for this. Atm i added some Debug.WriteLine and/or disconnect the solution from source control, but thats only a crappy workaround.

Thanks again.

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Can you post any exceptions or error text you are receiving? Stack traces are always good as well. – Robaticus Jul 26 '10 at 14:18
It seems that i put a bug into my source which causes this behavior. I fix it and analyse if the behavior i fixed. – Khh Jul 27 '10 at 5:33

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