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I've got this code (foo and bar are local servers):

env.hosts = ['foo', 'bar']

def mytask():

Which, of course prints foo every iteration.

As you probably know, Fabric iterates through the env.hosts list and executes mytask() on each of them this way:

fab mytask


task is executed on foo
task is executed on bar

I'm looking for a way to get the current host in every iteration.


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Use env.host_string. You can find a full list of env variables here.

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Note that host_sting will have any extra connection info, if used, of the username and port, instead of the plain hostname. –  Morgan Jul 16 at 18:04

You can just do:

env.hosts = ['foo', 'bar']

def mytask():

Because when you're in the task as executed by fab, you'll have that var set for free.

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Thanks Marcelo.

If you want to actually use env.host_string (for concatenation purpose for instance), be sure to be inside a task. Its value is None outside.

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