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I've seen the a class named DataSourceHelper, with an attribute of DataObject(true), in a couple of modern open source ASP.NET projects.

Is the use of such a class now an ASP.NET idiom, and if so is it the equivalent of the DAL?

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The only use I have seen for this is internal to the .NET framework , the only method it implements is the following:

System.Web.UI.DataSourceHelper.GetResolvedDataSource(object o, string data_member)

Which is equivalent to

System.Web.UI.DataSourceResolver.ResolveDataSource(object o, string data_member)

look here for a full codes (in mono project):



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thanks, much appreciated –  Ben Dec 2 '08 at 11:06
This should be the answer, if not exactly, plz let me know. –  netadictos Dec 2 '08 at 11:23
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