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i require to convert a linux driver to android. can anyone help me with the kernel twiking ? is there a change to the driver makefile ? where to get the source files of the kernel ? can i use insmod/mknod in adb shell to load the driver dynamically ?

any hint will be welcomed...


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Lots of questions...

Yes, you need to change the makefiles in the kernel. For example, if your driver source is in drivers/net, you'll need to change the Makefile there so that it builds your sources.

You will also need to add a new configuration option in the Kconfig file so that the build process knows if it needs to build your sources, if it needs to be built as a module, etc. You'll need to run 'make oldconfig' or similar to include your new option in the kernel .config.

Kernel sources are available in the same way as the Android sources (see http://source.android.com); you have to add a .repo/local_manifest.xml file such as:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <project path="kernel" name="kernel/omap"

And yes, if you build your driver as a module then you can use insmod/rmmod to insert/remove it from a running kernel.


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