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how can it be that a dll that i build here (in debug mode) tries to load msvcr80.dll and msvcr80d.dll ... i assume this leads then to a conflict as it can resolve the same symbols twice ...

i have no idea why the dependency to msvcr80.dll comes in. according to dependency walker ouput the dependency comes directly from my dll and not via another dll ...

could this be a problem of build settings of my debug build?

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Actually, it doesn't lead to big conflicts, as all symbols are implicitly scoped by the DLL they're exported from. E.g. you can have msvcr80.dll::printf and msvcr80d.dll::printf in parallel. But even though you might not have conflicts, you can still have other problems. E.g. mixing msvcr80.dll::malloc and msvcr80d.dll::free – MSalters Jul 27 '10 at 10:44

It may be caused by one of the dlls you are liked with is linked in release mode so they load msvcr80.dll while you are loading msvcr80d.dll.

And yes, this may cause a problem

could this be a problem of build settings of my debug build?


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