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I'm new to SAP. I only have SAP tables and i don't have access to the frontend.. I wanna know the tables relation i.e how to join two tables..

Suppose, if i want to know all the relations VNVK has, where should i start?

i can only view the primary keys and not the foreigh keys for all the tables..

I read some posts from this forum and got this information:

**DD02L SAP Tables

DD05S Foreign key fields

DD09L DD: Technical settings of tables

DD26S Base tables and foreign key relationships**

but the DD26S table doesn't give me these information either..

I even tried to get the table and column description and then try to join, but it's a tedious process..

I got a document with SAP table relations but it doesn't have all the modules in it.. please help me out on this.. i'm literally stuck with thousands of tables in front of me without knowing how to join them..

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If someone wants you to do the job, they have to give you the proper tools. You need frontend access (at least read-only) to do this. So take a pointed stick and poke whoever is responsible until you get the necessary permissions.

That being said, you should check out the IDES installation provided by consolut - they offer free (read only) access, and that might be enough for you. Read this for information about the dictionary structures and this for information on the tools.

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thanks for your suggestion.but i have all the sap table in SQL server. I want to find relations between tables for some modules only. –  sam Jul 27 '10 at 3:16
Don't go there. Accessing the tables without the SAP system in between is a really really bad idea. See stackoverflow.com/questions/2658910/how-to-import-data-to-sap/… and especially stackoverflow.com/questions/2115170/… for some of the reasons. –  vwegert Jul 27 '10 at 17:26

I'm from consolut, you can also program Abap but not in our IDES. For programming try our Mini-SAP system.

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There are are several vendors out there that offer SAP systems for short or long term use as sandboxes, one of them is also Bettisworth associates. Simply google them

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