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I have list in Sharepoint with new column "First line approvers". Type of this column is "Person or Group" and "Allow multiple selections" is set to "Yes".

How can I get and modify values of this column in runtime(from workflow) ?

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Assuming you've bound WorkflowProperties to the class..

SPFieldUserValueCollection f= new SPFieldUserValueCollection(WorkflowProperties.Web,WorkflowProperties.ListItem["First line approvers"] + "");

Then you can iterate over the collection / modify the collection and save your changes back by:

WorkflowProperties.ListItem["First line approvers"] = f.ToString(); //You might not need the to string here, I can't remember. 
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I try this methods but not working :| from workflow: SPFieldUserValueCollection f= new SPFieldUserValueCollection(workflowProperties.Web, workflowProperties.List.Fields["First line approvers"] + ""); from page: SPFieldUserValueCollection f= new SPFieldUserValueCollection(Web, item.Fields["First line approvers"] + ""); –  Dumitru Jul 27 '10 at 9:16
".ListItems" require Guid of the field or Index... If I try to get value by index also I obtain empty SPFieldUserValueCollection. –  Dumitru Jul 27 '10 at 9:29

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