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I have a button which label is "save & copy" doing save the current object (@student) and redirect it back to new action and these new contains all the previous object attributes. I have stucked how to populate previous values.

Is ROR provide any such method to make clone of object.

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have you tried @student.clone? – mckeed Jul 26 '10 at 16:13

Ruby on Rails provides the clone method, which creates a shallow clone of the object. In your case, you could use it like that:

@previous_student = @student.clone

The documentation of the clone method states:

Returns a clone of the record that hasn’t been assigned an id yet and is treated as a new record. Note that this is a “shallow” clone: it copies the object’s attributes only, not its associations. The extent of a “deep” clone is application-specific and is therefore left to the application to implement according to its need.


As stated in the documentation, you should maybe override the clone method, to implement your own cloning, if you use associations in the Student model.


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