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I created one sample application that receive data over udp process, and display the data in iphone. In udp receives there is thousands of data comes in 3 sec.How can i stores these data's ? and how can i display it ?

Now i can store the data as NSMutableArray and displayed in UItableview . Every recive of data i added data to nsmutablearray and it displayed using [tableview reloaddata].

For example if Array containing 10 objects i reload it displayed in tableview, then it receives another 10 objects array contains 20 objects so when i reload it, It comes from begining (0 th row) .Is it possible to reload tableview from 11 row. Is this possible ?

Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance........

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Is this any irrelevant question ? – dragon Jul 27 '10 at 4:40

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