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I have a WPF application running in debug mode, and I would like to change the XAML while the application is still running.

I'm not asking for Edit-and-Continue. I don't mind that I will have to restart the application for the changes to become effective. I just want to be able to make changes to the XAML file while the application is still running, rather than having to (1) remember what I want to change in the UI, (2) close the application, (3) recall what I want to change and make the change.

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Menu => Debug => Detach All

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+1 - That's what I do! – JLWarlow Jul 26 '10 at 16:25
Any other way without detach? I ask because detach will stop my wcf services so the app will stop immediately. – Sam Mar 8 '12 at 13:34

Right-click the XAML file in Solution Explorer and select Open With..., then choose Source Code (Text) Editor and click Set as Default. You can then edit XAML files while the app is running, without detaching. You'll need to reopen any XAML files before this works. Tested in VS2012.

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Just run it without the debugger attached in the first place.

Debug->Start without debugging...

or Ctrl+F5 (the default key shortcut)

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