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Looking for recommendations for a control which make can do spell checking for various languages.

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You should check out the NetSpell as it is free first:


Here is a quick description:

The NetSpell project is a spell checking engine written entirely in managed C# .net code. NetSpell's suggestions for a misspelled word are generated using phonetic (sounds like) matching and ranked by a typographical (looks like) score. NetSpell supports multiple languages and the dictionaries are based on the OpenOffice Affix compression format. The library can be used in Windows or Web Form projects. The download includes an English dictionary with dictionaries for other languages available for download on the project web site. NetSpell also supports user added words and automatic creation of user dictionaries. It also includes a dictionary build tool to build custom dictionaries.

If you want a good one that is not free I would recomment KarmaSoft UltimateSpell:


Top 10 Features of Karamasoft UltimateSpell for ASP.NET

  1. Spell check as you type
  2. Grammar check and synonyms
  3. Spell check TEXT and HTML
  4. Spell 1500 words per second
  5. Auto correct misspelled words
  6. Auto find all editable areas
  7. Lookup online dictionary
  8. 34 dictionaries for free
  9. Add to custom dictionary
  10. Windows Forms support
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Have a look at Telerik RadSpell:


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We use UltimateSpell. Price is very reasonable and has a clean/easy to use interface.


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I already had that in my answer with the exact link and all :P –  Kelsey Jul 26 '10 at 21:17

Hunspell works well, and the price is right - free!

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