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Here's part of the contents of my .gitmodules file:

[submodule "src/static_management"]
        path = src/static_management
        url = git://
[submodule "external/pyfacebook"]
        path = external/pyfacebook
        url =

However, .git/config only contains the first:

[submodule "src/static_management"]
        url = git://

The second submodule (external/pyfacebook) was added by another developer in a feature branch. I've inherited the development now, and have checked out the feature branch. However, Git will not pull the submodule for me. I've tried:

  • git submodule init
  • git submodule update
  • git submodule update --init
  • git submodule sync
  • Removing all submodule definitions from .git/config and running git submodule init. It only copies over the previously existing submodule and ignores the new one.
  • Entering new submodule definitions in .git/config manually and running git submodule update. Only the previously existing submodules bother to update.

in various combinations, but git simply will not update .git/config based on the new contents of .gitmodules, nor will it create the external/pyfacebook folder and pull the submodule's contents.

What am I missing? Is manual intervention (adding a submodule entry by hand to .git/config) truly required, and why?

Edit: Manual intervention does not work. Manually adding the new submodule entry to .git/config doesn't do a thing. The new submodule is ignored.

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running and having the same problem: "git submodule sync" does not update .git/config after a change to .gitmodules. – James Pritts Dec 6 '11 at 12:13

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Did you recently upgrade to git version ? I did and am now having similar issues...

Edit: I fixed my problem but have absolutely no idea whatsoever where the problem was. I manually removed submodule entries from both .git/config and .gitmodules and re-added my submodules with the ususal steps (git submodule add etc...) ... Worksforme but adds no value to this thread.

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I'm up to 1.7.2 right now, but I believe that I've been having the problem since at least 1.6.x. – David Eyk Aug 27 '10 at 13:02
And yes, come to think of it, I ended up having to do as you describe (I forgot this question was still open!). If you don't mind polishing up your answer a bit, I'll accept it. – David Eyk Aug 27 '10 at 13:05
This is an ongoing weakness of git. Even svn is better with externals. – Peter DeWeese Mar 21 '11 at 15:33
I think I just ran into this, too (same steps seem to finally fix it). The only thing I noticed is, after adding it again, then commiting, the commit said: create mode 160000 lib/jruby-swing-helpers (huh?) – rogerdpack Nov 28 '11 at 17:46
About the "create mode 160000" the Pro Git book says this: "Notice the 160000 mode for the rack entry. That is a special mode in Git that basically means you’re recording a commit as a directory entry rather than a subdirectory or a file." – Johann Jun 7 '13 at 20:46

I had this same problem - it turned out that the .gitmodules file was committed, but the actual submodule commit (i.e. the record of the submodule's commit ID) wasn't.

Adding it manually seemed to do the trick - e.g.:

git submodule add external/pyfacebook

(Even without removing anything from .git/config or .gitmodules.)

Then commit it to record the ID properly.

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Thank you! This helped me a lot!!! – davidjnelson Jul 16 '12 at 6:24
Sorted my issue! Thanks! – jakedunc Mar 24 at 14:20
What is external/pyfacebook for? – Igor Ganapolsky Jul 28 at 19:41
@IgorGanapolsky That's the destination path for your submodule. – yuhua Jul 29 at 3:24

According to the answer from Dave James Miller I can confirm that it worked for me. The important thing here was to commit the subprojects commit ID. Just to have the entry in .gitmodules was not enough.

Here is an appropriate commit:

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I had the same problem.

.gitmodules had the submodule, but after a git submodule init command it wasn't in .git/config.

Turns out the developer who added the submodule also added the submodule directory to the .gitignore file. That doesn't work.

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Same as you I found that git submodule sync does not do what you expect it to do. Only after doing an explicit git submodule add again does a submodule url change.

So, I put this script in ~/bin/git-submodule-sync.rb:

And I also use the same logic on a few post-receive git deploy scripts.

All I need to do now is edit .gitmodules, then run this script and it finally works like I thought git submodule sync was supposed to.

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This actually works. – JeffCharter Jan 12 at 23:23
This seems to happen only on some repos... possibly due to some bug in Git. It hasn't happened to me on newly created repositories for a long while, but way back when, it used to happen all the time on certain repos... – fridh Jan 14 at 14:14

When I saw this today, a developer had moved part of the tree into a new sub-directory and it looks as though his git client did not record the updated Subproject rules in the tree, instead they were just nuked, leaving .gitmodules referring both to stale locations and to subprojects which no longer existed in the current tree.

Adding the submodules back in, and comparing the commit shas of the submodule to those found in git show $breaking_commit_sha (search for lines matching regexp ^-Subproject) to adjust as needed fixed things.

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Sort of magically, but today I ran git submodule init followed by git submodule sync followed by git submodule update and it started pulling my submodules... Magic? Perhaps! This is truly one of the most annoying experiences with Git…

Scratch that. I actually got it working by doing git submodule update --init --recursive. Hope this helps.

PS: Make sure you are in the root git directory, not the submodule's.

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Nah this does absolutely nothing for me. – Igor Ganapolsky Mar 29 at 21:18
@IgorGanapolsky I edited the answer above with what worked for me. Let me know if it works! – Levi Figueira Mar 31 at 14:47
I tried your new commands, but they didn't do anything either. – Igor Ganapolsky Apr 1 at 20:03

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