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I want get integer quotient when I divide two values. Per example

Q=X/Y = 1.5 // I want get 1 from results

Q=X/Y=3.5 //I want get only 3 from results
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Do you need to handle negative numbers, and if so should they towards or away from zero? ( -2.3 -> -2 or -3) –  Greg Jul 26 '10 at 17:11

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Try Math.Truncate. This should do it.

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Integer math is going to do this for you.

int x = 3 / 2; // x will be 1
int y = 7 / 2; // y will be 3
int z = 7 % 2; // z will be 1

If you were using decimal or floating-point values in your equations, that would be different. The simplest answer is to cast the result to an int, but there are static Math functions you could also use.

double a = 11d;
double b = 2d;
int c = (int)(a / b); // showing explicit cast, c will be 5
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try Math.Floor()

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In VB.NET there is the integer division operator (\). It returns only the integer portion of the division. This comes all the way from the original Dartmouth BASIC so it exists in most forms of BASIC.

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+1 for providing the VB-specific answer that everyone else ignored. –  Brian Jul 26 '10 at 17:55

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