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I'm having problems with an SQL query used to display custom profile fields and any (optional) corresponding values.

Here is the SQL query I'm using:

SELECT pf.`id`, pf.`name`, pv.`value` FROM `profile_fields` AS pf
LEFT JOIN `profile_values` AS pv ON (pf.`id` = pv.`field_id`)
WHERE (pf.`site_id` = '0' OR pf.`site_id` = '%d') AND (pv.`user_id` = '%d' OR pv.`user_id` IS NULL)
ORDER BY pf.`order` ASC

The problem I'm having is that any columns with no corresponding profile_values records are not shown at all, when they should show, but just with an empty value.

Many thanks!

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Try moving the profile values conditions to the JOIN statement:

 SELECT pf.`id`, pf.`name`, pv.`value` FROM `profile_fields` AS pf
 LEFT JOIN `profile_values` AS pv ON (
         pf.`id` = pv.`field_id`  AND 
         (pv.`user_id` = '%d' OR pv.`user_id` IS NULL)
 WHERE (pf.`site_id` = '0' OR pf.`site_id` = '%d')
 ORDER BY pf.`order` ASC
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Many thanks - that did the trick! Never knew I was able to add that sort of thing in an "ON" clause! – Nick Dec 2 '08 at 12:36
Shouldn't the ... OR ... pv.user_id IS NULL) part of the original query take care of showing the profile_fields without all optional profile_values available? – Ruben Dec 2 '08 at 12:37
That's what I thought, but it didn't for some reason. It works with Eran's code however, so I probably put it in the wrong place. – Nick Dec 2 '08 at 12:46
You can probably get rid of the 'OR pv.user_id IS NULL' after you move the condition into the join condition. – Bill Karwin Dec 2 '08 at 14:42
what is that "%d"??? – bbtang Aug 5 '09 at 4:50

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