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In Objective-C properties you can set alternative names fpr the accessors.

@property(setter=nameWrite:,getter=nameRead,copy) NSString *name;

I am thinking real hard but I don't know any situation I would ever do that. It is not KVC standard and I see no advantage at all. What is the use of it?

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Mostly, it is used for BOOL properties:

@property(getter=isHidden) BOOL hidden;
@property(readonly, getter=isFinishedLaunching) BOOL finishedLaunching;

But, yeah, beyond that, it isn't used often at all (nor should it be).

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Worth noting that this usage is KVC-compliant, as KVC will look for isFoo as well as foo for BOOL properties. –  Peter Hosey Jul 28 '10 at 4:26

It's seen all the time when you have a BOOL.


@property(nonatomic,getter=isUserInteractionEnabled) BOOL userInteractionEnabled;
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