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I have a several-thousand-line application that relies on SIGFPE (handled by a function pointer passed to signal()) to change state and have the code run correctly when certain floating point conditions happen. However, under C++/CLI in managed-mode, _control87 generates a System.ArithmeticException executing in a static lib written in C. _fpreset and _control87 are not supported.

How do I get classic, unmanaged SIGFPE operation to work in a C++/CLI application? The number of locations where floating point stuff happens in my application could be immense and I do not fully understand all of the numerical methods written years ago by other programmers.

I want old-school exception handling to work on a floating point division by zero, not an INF value. Platform invoke style doesn't work, and #pragma managed(off) doesn't do the trick either.

What options do I have?

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Does it work when you compile without /clr? Could you partition the app into the /clr part for your other managed code to call (or for you to call managed stuff from) and the native part with the SIGPFE? Or are they too entangled? –  Kate Gregory Aug 11 '10 at 14:24

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