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The input below sorts submissions by a timestamp field called "datesubmitted" in reverse chronological order. This field is in a MySQL table called "submission."

Another MySQL table "comment" has another timestamp field called "datecommented."

Each submission has only one "datesubmitted" but it could have several comments, each with a different "datecommented."

How could I sort the submissions by "datesubmitted" and each one's last "datecommented"? In other words, I want the top of this list to show either the most recently submitted entry or the entry with the most recent comment, whichever occurred most recently.

Thanks in advance,


$sqlStr = "SELECT 
                ,COUNT(c.commentid) countComments
                 submission s
                 login l
                s.loginid = l.loginid
             LEFT OUTER
                 comment c
                 s.submissionid = c.submissionid
                 s.datesubmitted DESC

$tzFrom = new DateTimeZone('America/New_York'); 
$tzTo = new DateTimeZone('America/Phoenix'); 

// echo $dt->format(DATE_RFC822); 

$result = mysql_query($sqlStr);

$arr = array(); 
echo "<table class=\"samplesrec\">";
while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { 
    $dt = new DateTime($row["datesubmitted"], $tzFrom); 
    echo '<tr>';
    echo '<td class="sitename1"><a href="http://www.'.$row["url"].'" TARGET="_blank">'.$row["title"].'</a>  <div class="dispurl">'.$row["displayurl"].'</div></td>';
    echo '</tr>';
    echo '<tr>';
    echo '<td class="sitename2name">Submitted by <a href="http://www...com/.../members/index.php?profile='.$row["username"].'">'.$row["username"].'</a> on '.$dt->format('F j, Y &\nb\sp &\nb\sp g:i a').'</td>';

    echo '</tr>';
    echo '<tr>';
    echo '<td class="sitename2"><a href="http://www...com/.../comments/index.php?submission='.$row["title"].'&submissionid='.$row["submissionid"].'&url='.$row["url"].'&countcomments='.$row["countComments"].'&submittor='.$row["username"].'&submissiondate='.$row["datesubmitted"].'&dispurl='.$row["displayurl"].'">'.$row["countComments"].' comments</a></td>';
    echo '</tr>';
echo "</table>";    
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You're missing a newline between LEFT and OUTER. ;-) –  Bill Karwin Jul 26 '10 at 23:03

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SELECT s.loginid, s.title, s.url, s.displayurl, s.datesubmitted, l.username,
  s.submissionid, COUNT(c.commentid) countComments, 
  GREATEST(s.datesubmitted, COALESCE(MAX(c.datecommented), s.datesubmitted)) AS most_recent
FROM submission s
INNER JOIN login l ON s.loginid = l.loginid
LEFT OUTER JOIN comment c ON s.submissionid = c.submissionid
GROUP BY s.submissionid
ORDER BY most_recent DESC
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Thanks, Bill Karwin. –  John Jul 26 '10 at 23:21

It sounds like you want to ORDER BY conditionally, depending on whichever date is higher. Include this ORDER BY.

ORDER BY CASE WHEN datesubmitted > datecommented 
         THEN datesubmitted 
         ELSE datecommented END  DESC
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short, elegant and to the point. –  Kelsey Jul 26 '10 at 23:09
I tried this and it didn't work. But I appreciate your effort on my behalf. –  John Jul 26 '10 at 23:21

you can order by multiple columns by separating them with a comma. So you could do ...ORDER BY s.datesubmitted DESC, c.datecommented DESC. Also if both are the same direction (asc/desc) you can just say it once at the end. The query will be ordered by the first column in the list and under that the next column so it is sorted in groups.

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