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I am looking for ANSI C HAT-trie implementation released under some free license. I have not found one. Can you point me to some standalone implementation or a program that uses HAT-tries to get at least slight idea how to implement it the roght way, please?

The original paper on HAT-trie can be found here: http://crpit.com/confpapers/CRPITV62Askitis.pdf

PS: In case faster cache-conscious data structured well-suited for strings evolved since the time the above paper was written, please point me to the papers or example source codes rather.

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I know of that thread. I am not sure I want to use Judy for my task at all. I wanted the HAT-trie, but in the thread mentioned, there is just the same link to the paper I gave myself. But I am looking for some real implementation of the HAT-trie to see, decide and get inspired how to implement it right way. -- mjf –  mjf Jul 26 '10 at 23:00

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Someone is implementing it in C++ over on github


If you need a plain C implementation, this would be a good base to start from.

Java is also fairly readable for a C programmer


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Please see the HAT-trie implementation site at code.google.com/p/hat-trie for implementation notes and source code.

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