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In Sql Server 2005, we have a publication of a few tables. This publication has 3 push subscriptions to DB2 databases (using connector from HIS2009) and has had for several months. Attempting to add another subscription, virtually identical to the existing ones except it's a distinct server, we get:

SQL Server could not create a subscription for Subscriber 'MY-DATABASE-2'.
 An exception occurred while executing a Transact-SQL statement or batch. 
  OLE DB or ODBC Subscribers cannot subscribe to article 'my_table_1' in publication
  'my_publication' because the article has a timestamp column and the publication is
  'allow_queued_tran' (allows queued updating subscriptions). 
  The subscription could not be found.
  Microsoft SQL Server, Error 21249


  • my_table_1 does not contain a timestamp column
  • The publication has allow_queued_tran = False
  • There are other successful OLE-DB DB2 subscriptions on this publication
  • The other tables in the publication do not contain timestamp. Some of them contain date columns, for which the DB2-equivalent type is "timestamp", but "timestamp" in DB2 just means (a date and time) - not a system-generated time marker.
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Curiously, we were able to create a new publication with the same tables, filters etc, and add new subscriptions to it. So, it's resolved, though not really answered.

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I had the same issue today, but could not find solution. I removed existing subscription and publication, started over and then it worked. Very strange issue.

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