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Example (works in firefox):

I can't get select elements to dynamically get added to a table. This works in firefox, but it fails in IE and Opera. What's going on here?

DOM code:

<table id = "myTable">
<select id = "select1" class = "hidden">
<select id = "select2" class = "hidden">


    $('#myTable tbody').append(generate());

function generate()
  var $row = $('<tr>');

    var selects = [$('#select1'),

    for( var i in selects )
        var $td = $('<td></td>');

        if( selects[i] != null )
            var $select = selects[i].clone().show().removeAttr("id");



    return $row;
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What goal are you trying to accomplish with this? – Patrick Jul 27 '10 at 5:06
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I just tried your code. It seems, in IE, the display property set in 'hidden' css class(display:none) is not getting overridden eventhough you have called show(). Either removing the css class for the cloned select elements or explicitly setting the 'display' property to 'block'/'inline' works:



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