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I've just started working at a biomedical company and we need to communicate data from a device we are making to an iPhone. Obviously using the made for iPhone program would suffice, but for prototyping and for a simpler solution I was wondering if we could use an existing bluetooth audio transmitter, such as ( but instead of streaming audio, program it to stream data. I'm not so good with the hardware side, and wouldn't be designing the hardware on our end, only the software, so just wondering if with the current SDK, we can send data through an audio streaming device?

Any help is greatly appreciated :)

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I've been looking into it, and found FSK a suitable solution. I have a few links you could check out (most involve the Arduino, but you can ignore that).

If you really want a realiable solution, look into serial data (jailbreaking might be required, but awesome for prototyping):

UPDATE: Thinking outside of the box, if you want a really reliable solution; I bought this recently.

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+1: awesome link collection - because of your answer i marked this question as a favorite :) – rokjarc Apr 11 '12 at 8:57
Updated my post, thanks for voting. – not really Jake Apr 11 '12 at 14:46

ADSL Modems are already communicating with sound (in the frequencies that we cant hear).

all you have to do is coding the data as sound patterns and write an application that 'listens' and translates/triggers actions on the other side.

Those adapters do the same thing. The receiver side expects for a similar sound pattern to do things and phone sends that sound.

But you must have another application that translates those signals for machine you want to use.

But be warned using sound as data communication, it will be slow compared to wifi or bluetooth data.

imho the best way to communicate is using wifi channel. i guess you'll have to load lots of data from a medical device.

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