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What would prevent one machine from consuming a Silverlight Enabled WCF service some of the time, whilst another on the same network domain, behind the same proxy / firewall / etc.. can fine? Service and app are on the same domain.

I'm writing to the event log when the service comes in, and I can't even see the call come through.

Any pointers greatly appreciated.

Update: After using fiddler, it seems to work if we have fiddler running, but not if we don't. I'm more confused than ever!

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Install Fiddler and see what is going on. No other good way to figure this out (sometimes even fiddler can't help).

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Where would you put fiddler? On the machine running the silverlight app I guess... Good suggestion tho, I'll give it a shot today - thanks! :o) – NikolaiDante Dec 3 '08 at 9:07
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The lesson is never believe what your told. The proxy on the non-working machine was indeed different. :o\

Fiddler drops itself into the proxy chain and that's what caused it to work whilst fiddler was running.

Case sovled.

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