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im having an error while running the PushMeBaby examples as followed in this tutorial for push notifications http://mobiforge.com/developing/story/programming-apple-push-notification-services

In the console the error message is

connect returned error

 PushMeBaby[708:a0f] MakeServerConnection(): -36
 PushMeBaby[708:a0f] SSLNewContext(): 0
 PushMeBaby[708:a0f] SSLSetIOFuncs(): 0
 PushMeBaby[708:a0f] SSLSetConnection(): 0
 PushMeBaby[708:a0f] SSLSetPeerDomainName(): 0
 PushMeBaby[708:a0f] SecKeychainOpen(): 0
 PushMeBaby[708:a0f] SecCertificateCreateFromData(): 0
 PushMeBaby[708:a0f] SecIdentityCreateWithCertificate(): 0
 PushMeBaby[708:a0f] SSLSetCertificate(): 0

\274\270LN\247\373?\276a\216\222\376\216\367\262p\332\302 \2342\3713\301_ZV\344'sV\300

\300   \300\300\300\300\300\300\300\300\300\300\300\300\300




Everytime i build and run it, the string of numbers seems to change.

I have checked the device token, and i have the aps_developer_identity.cer

Has anyone successfully got this thing working?

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hmm i found out that my network gateway port 2195 , port 30 is blocked. does it needs to be opened? –  Kenneth Jul 28 '10 at 7:12

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I use pushMeBaby and the main gotcha I've found is;

Does the computer you are testing on have the correct .cer and .p12 in the keychain? This is in addition to having the correct .cer bundled with the pushMeBaby app itself. You know if you have it right if, when launching pushMeBaby, it asks permission to access a certificate in your keychain. If it's not asking permission, it's because you don't have it (unless you do have it and granted access ALWAYS of course).

I bashed my head against the wall for ages with that one. Does that help at all?

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