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I have a string that after print is like this: \x4d\xff\xfd\x00\x02\x8f\x0e\x80\x66\x48\x71

But I want to change this string to "\x4d\xff\xfd\x00\x02\x8f\x0e\x80\x66\x48\x71" which is not printable (it is necessary to write to serial port). I know that it ist problem with '\'. how can I replace this printable backslashes to unprintable?

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Do you mean, you want to convert a string '\\x4d\\x4e' into '\x4d\x4e' (i.e. 'MN')? – kennytm Jul 27 '10 at 10:41
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If you want to decode your string, use decode() with 'string_escape' as parameter which will interpret the literals in your variable as python literal string (as if it were typed as constant string in your code).

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It was help me. My problem is resolved. Thanks a lot ;) – CarolusPl Jul 27 '10 at 10:55

Use decode():

>>> st = r'\x4d\xff\xfd\x00\x02\x8f\x0e\x80\x66\x48\x71'
>>> print st
>>> print st.decode('string-escape')

That last garbage is what my Python prints when trying to print your unprintable string.

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You are confusing the printable representation of a string literal with the string itself:

>>> c = '\x4d\xff\xfd\x00\x02\x8f\x0e\x80\x66\x48\x71'
>>> c
>>> len(c)
>>> len('\x4d\xff\xfd\x00\x02\x8f\x0e\x80\x66\x48\x71')
>>> len(r'\x4d\xff\xfd\x00\x02\x8f\x0e\x80\x66\x48\x71')
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Thx! It is he solution of my problem – CarolusPl Jul 27 '10 at 10:56
No idea, maybe because I included a link? We were all within a minute or so ;-) (honestly: I found some others clearer than mine, and quality, not speed, should warrant a checked answer). – Abel Jul 27 '10 at 11:57

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