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I have the following soap message:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:wsu=""><soap:Header><wsse:Security env:mustUnderstand="1" xmlns:wsse="" xmlns="" xmlns:env=""><wsse:UsernameToken xmlns:wsse="" xmlns=""><wsse:Username>test</wsse:Username><wsse:Password Type="">11111111</wsse:Password></wsse:UsernameToken></wsse:Security></soap:Header>
    <soap:Body xmlns:ns1="">

I need to use xpath to read in the message value. My code is as follows:

  DocumentBuilderFactory factory = DocumentBuilderFactory.newInstance();
  DocumentBuilder builder = factory.newDocumentBuilder();

  InputSource data = new InputSource(in);
  Node doc = builder.parse("ping.xml");

  // set up a document purely to hold the namespace mappings
  DOMImplementation impl = builder.getDOMImplementation();
  Document namespaceHolder = impl.createDocument("","f:namespaceMapping", null);
  Element root = namespaceHolder.getDocumentElement();

  root.setAttributeNS("", "xmlns:SOAP","");
  root.setAttributeNS("", "xmlns:ns1","");

  NodeList results = XPathAPI.selectNodeList(doc,"/SOAP:Envelope/SOAP:Body/ns1:pingMeCallback/ns1:message",root);

  for (int i = 0; i < results.getLength(); i++) {
   Node result = results.item(i);
   XObject value = XPathAPI.eval(result, "string()");

My code prints out nothing. Can anybody find out what I am doing wroing?

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Haven't gone through the rest of the code, but:

root.setAttributeNS("", "xmlns:ns1","");

doesn't look like the right namespace.

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I have changed it to: root.setAttributeNS("";, "xmlns:ns1","h"); Still no luck – teslaza Jul 27 '10 at 12:15
Still doesn't quite match. Double h; also check trailing vs. non-trailing /. Namespaces are strings that must match exactly. – bobince Jul 27 '10 at 14:05

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