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I have the following yml configuration for Doctrine under MySQL:

  tableName: designers
      type: integer(2)
      type: string(30)
      notnull: true

  tableName: items
      type: integer(3)
      unsigned: true
      primary: true
      autoincrement: true
      type: string(40)
      notnull: true

When I drop tables with DBMS and use Doctrine CLI to create-tables it reports their successful creation but when I check columns, but sets the id in the designers table to type SMALLINT with length 5 and in the items - MEDIUMINT(8). I'd like them to be 2 and 3, as stated in the config. What could be the reason? TIA

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Smallint is 2 Bytes, MEDIUMINT is 3 Bytes. Doctrine doc says:

integer - Length is the the number of bytes the integer occupies.

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