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I have a little problem.

I have situations where my ajax calss returns a string.

sometimes that string is "false" i want to always convert that string value into a boolean i tried : new Boolean(thatValue)

but it returns true even for "false" as a paremter

is there anyway to solve this? except me writing my own custom function that will return false if "flase" ?..

thank you

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The best way to do this you've already described:

if(value === 'true') {
  //do something


if(value !== 'false') {
  //do something

You're limited by JavaScript's weak typing here, actually working to your disadvantage, where any non-empty string will convert to a true boolean, even if that string is "false".

To get it and store it for use elsewhere, something like this works:

var myBool = value !== "false";
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A string is always true if it contains some text, even if that text is "false". You can check for it using the ternary operator:

thatValue == "false" ? false : true
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