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I'm digging into ejabberd but I can't find a way to inspect its Mnesia tables.

Is there something like the MySQL shell to inspect tables?

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I've found ./ejabberdctl dump <FILENAME> to dump the database contents into a file, but not an easy way to select data (through a shell for ex.) – Tommy Jul 27 '10 at 13:23
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You may use the Table Visualizer, in module tv.

It can help examine ets tables and mnesia tables. You can simply start it on any connected node (e.g. with "ejabberdctl debug"), with:

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Just go to folder where ejabberd is installed.Then go to bin folder and type command ./ejabberdctl dump_table file_name_in_which_table_will_be_dumped Table_Name.

This file will be created in database/ejabberd@localhost/dump_table file_name_in_which_table_will_be_dumped

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