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I have an AVAudioRecorder that captures the sound. What I want is to be able to Play(AVAudioPlayer) the recorded(AVAudioRecorder) sound as it is being recorded.

I have set up the AVAudioSession property to playandRecord... but I dont know how do I program the following sort of scenario? Like you have your head phones on and you are walking,some one beeps at you, but u can't listen because of your headphones on, but what if your iPhone captures that beep and plays right away.

If i am recording and playing on the same file at the same time. Will that be a problem? Any help regarding this would be anticipated.

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No there is no problem in that. There is an adequate sample code by apple aurioTouch. It uses the Audio Unit framework and is a very low-level framework which allows you to access several features of the audio hardware. Also check out this tutorial from iphoneAM which will make your work easier.

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The link mentioned in answer is expired. please update otr provide other. –  iPhone Programmatically Feb 9 '13 at 10:54

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