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I have just a simple question ! Basically, I want to make a website with lots of images (users contributions). I already have the host, but it's limited in disk space (10 Gigas). I know it represents a huge amount of image, but I prefer planning this, and host them elsewhere before the disk is full. I was thinking of Flickr and Google Picasa, but I can't decide which to use. Can anyone help me ?

If you need more informations about my project, comment this post, and I'll edit it to answer you.

Regards rom France ;)

EDIT : Thanks to @premiso, I'm going towards Flickr I think. Anyone can give me a feedback on Premium Accounts ? Nevermind, I'm putting to solved :p

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They both have their limitations:

Flickr's Limitations

Picasa Album Limits

Picasa / Google Storage

I am not sure how this ranks today but here is a post about the two side by side: Picasa VS Flickr

Hopefully there is some good material there for your to choose which one. Good luck buddy!

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Thanks for the infos ! It seems that Flickr is by far the more interesting ! 25$ a year for unlimited disk space, number of photos and bandwidth is kinda cheap I think... Especially when you look at Picasa Web Albums cost per Giga... – 3rgo Jul 27 '10 at 13:42
Not a problem, if this answered question, please mark the answer as such. Thanks. – Brad F Jacobs Jul 27 '10 at 15:13

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