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Is there a place I can find Backus–Naur Form or BNF grammars for popular languages? Whenever I do a search I don't turn up much, but I figure they must be published somewhere. I'm most interested in seeing one for Objective-C and maybe MySQL.

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FWIW, the MySQL grammar file (mysql-server/sql/sql_yacc.y) is open source and browseable at launchpad.net (though it's a bit slow and I got an error when I tried to pull up the specific file).

Also, a snapshot of the whole MySQL Server source is downloadable from dev.mysql.com.

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The issue with reusing the grammar that is used by the MySQL server is that is depends on the tokens generated by the lexer. The lexer, having ~115 members, is neither easy to use nor easy to replace. –  dvogel Mar 11 '10 at 0:23

IIRC, BNF grammars are just different enough from what yacc/bison want as input to be really annoying :) If you intend to feed these files into a parser generator, you may want to look for files in the appropriate format. I recall seeing such files for Java, JavaScript and C++ at one point. Probably as part of Eclipse, Firefox and GCC, respectively, but I can't remember for sure. I would assume you can find pretty much any parser input file by finding an open source project that uses that language.

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