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I have code that looks like the following, which works fine for displaying the message, but can't figure out any way to get a hold of the stack trace.

try {
    throw new RuntimeException("This is bad stuff!");
} catch (Exception e ) {
    mainForm.append("Exception: " + e.getMessage());

Calling e.printStackTrace() sends it somewhere that I can't find.

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see this article: http://lwuit.blogspot.com/2008/12/redirecting-output-on-s60-devices.html

too bad there is no System.setErr(PrintWriter) or Thread.getStackTrace()

I don't think there is a (generic) solution for this problem

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This is totally awesome! I happened to be using an S60 device, so this was perfect –  Cory Dec 3 '08 at 14:31

No, you can't. Stack trace is always printed to System.err and there is no way in CLDC to redirect System.err to somewhere else.

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Even in CLDC 1.1 this does not exist.. hope Sun includes redirection of error and out stream in future versions. It is very essential of logging/debugging.

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I've created a tool that can be used to log proper stack traces also in CLDC. Check it out at http://jarrut.sourceforge.net. It's still very new and it might have some rough edges, but it works for me and I couldn't imagine developing MIDlets without it anymore. Best way to use it is to combine it with microlog.

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