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I am currently writing an app for Outlook(Outlook social connector) and I have no idea how to make the installer program. Can anyone give me a somewhat detailed description of what to do? Here is the only thing I have found on the web about what I need to do.. but of course it's not very detailed at all:

Here's what I think I need to do: put all the files in the "application folder" and make some changes to the registry, right? How do I make changes to the reg? For example, in the above link it says I need to register the progID... how do I do this??

Thanks in advance =)

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This is huge and deep topic. MSI (Microsoft Installer) technology will require a lot of investment to understand from top to bottom. If you were just deploying a .NET application that didn't talk to any other applications, I'd suggest using the VS 2010 setup & deployment projects. You're talking about registering yourself as a COM server and plugging into Outlook. Unless there have been huge improvements since VS 2008, you'll run out of gas really fast with VS setup & deployment. My advice is to get a professional installation creation tool like Installshield. – David Gladfelter Jul 27 '10 at 15:57
It depends; are you using VSTO? Which version? Which versions of outlook do you need it to work in? You can google my blog for VSTO to get some pointers but yes, this can be a complicated deployment story. – Christopher Painter Jul 27 '10 at 16:10
@DavidGladfelter I'm with you, man :). Had the same experience creating Add Ins for Outlook, Word / Excel and Visual Studio (VS is a bit different). Specially for Outlook / Office I've found myself using Add In Express. The installer was OneClick away (although they call it TwoClick or something like that). Not quite sure about the rest of the things that Add In Express will do to automate my work but with the installer it did great.One thing you forgot is that Outlook 2010 is 64 bit version and there problems with that as well.Add In Express abstracted me from this (although not perfect yet). – Pavel Donchev Dec 15 '11 at 10:03

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