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How to export installed plugins from eclipse?

I want to use some of my installed plugins in another eclipse machine.

I don't want to download those again.


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Start fresh and install plugins from an old install

The idea here is that you want to keep your old install intact, download a new indigo package (http://download.eclipse.org/) and just adds the existing plugins to your install. With Indigo this is now made super easy!

Step 1: Download and unzip your Indigo install: http://download.eclipse.org

Step 2: Import your plug-ins from your previous install by doing File > Import > Install > From existing install, pick your old install, select the plug-ins and there you go! You can chose to go piece meal, or chose to pick several entries, in any event dependency analysis will be performed to check the validity of the install.

Step 3: Click next a couple times and patiently wait for the bytes to download to your machine. Then restart and enjoy!

from http://lenettoyeur-on-eclipse.blogspot.com/2011/06/from-helios-to-indigo-is-easy.html

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This is new in Eclipse 3.7... And very, very valuable :-) –  Tonny Madsen Jul 18 '11 at 19:05

Along with update sites, p2 can treat existing Eclipse installations as a source for the plugins to be installed.

If you access the Eclipse folder in another machine (which has the plugins installed) via shared folder in the network , then in your new Eclipse, open Preferences->Install/Update->Available Software Sites->Add->Local-> browse to the Eclipse->p2->org.eclipse.equinox.p2.engine->profileRegistry and select the profile.

Now in the target Eclipse you can install those plugins as if you are installing from an update site.

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You can export the list of the features and plugins by going to File->Export->Install.

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P2 (the bundle provisioning system) provides functionalities for shared bundle pooling, see http://wiki.eclipse.org/Equinox/p2/Getting_Started#Bundle_pooling

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It seems that feature is on its way: http://bugs.eclipse.org/282419

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I don't know how to export a installed plugin,
but this answer helps for reinstalling an eclipse plugin from another eclipse installation. (How Do You Reinstall Installed Eclipse Plugins?)

Also See
Installing Eclipse (3.4+) plugins in a directory other than ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins
How To Add Perspectives In Eclipse?

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You can simply copy the plug in folder from the other machine --(may be on a pendrive or cd )-- whatever suits you.

Then go to your ecplise, File > Import... > Plug-in Development --> Plug-ins and Fragments Click "Next"

[Import From] -- Directory. Browse your plugins folder Just Hit "Next"

From the left box, select individual or you may want to add all of it. Just hit "AddAll ->" And Just Hit "Next"

and there on just sit back let it do all the import work.

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Dropping the right jars from your plugins directory to the target installation plugins directory should do the trick.

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Okay, but there are many other plugins, i need just some of them. and each plugins has a lot jar files, so how can I be sure to copy all of them? –  Nav Jul 27 '10 at 17:50
You might figure out by filtering by their name. But pay attention if migrating them to higher Eclipse versions (they might be incompatible). –  thelost Jul 27 '10 at 17:53
thanks but is there another way to download separately the plugins? –  Nav Jul 27 '10 at 18:32
You could download your favorite plugins and always install them from local source. –  thelost Jul 27 '10 at 18:34
Never, never, never... install anything directly in plugins/ It will not be picked up by Eclipse automatically and - even more importantly - all the usual update functionality does not work for these "dropped" plug-ins. If you absolutely must add anything "by hand" do it in dropins/... –  Tonny Madsen Jul 18 '11 at 19:08

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