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i have a string that comes in say "Joesph Van Andrews". I want to split it in such a way that firstname is "Joseph" and lastname is "Van Andrews" how can i do that in

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Is Mary Ann Smith going to be split so that firstname is "Mary" and lastname is "Ann Smith"? – thursdaysgeek Jul 27 '10 at 18:15
Dim firstName As String = name.Substring(0,name.IndexOf(" "))
Dim lastName As String = name.Substring(name.IndexOf(" ")+1)

Assumptions: first name and last name are separated by a space, and if multiple spaces are present, the first space is used as the separator.

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' We want to get the name and put it in a variable
Dim name As String = "Joseph Van Andrews"

' Split string based on spaces
Dim names As String() = name.Split(New Char() {" "c})

' Seperate the first name from the rest of the string
Dim lastName as string = name.substring(names(0).length())

Dim nameString as string = "the First Name is: " + names(0) + " and the Last Name is: " + lastName


Just a note this will only work if you want to grab the first word in the name and use it as the first name, if you have a name like Jean Francois Sebastien and 'Jean Francois' is the first name it will return as: First Name: Jean Last Name: Francois Sebastien

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